Role: Engineering Intern

A robotic moth designed to play with the conflicting emotions of disgust and empathy.

A moth struggles on it's back, unable to right itself.

The Moth was produced during the 2016 Summer Internship at Rusty Squid, Bristol, where I studied the role of movement and puppetry in robotics.

Will you help? Or will you recoil?

Manufactured using digital fabrication and rapid-prototyping techniques, with a constant focus on testing and user experience.

Laser cut MDF leg mechanism
Rapid prototyping with laser-cut MDF.
A puppet moth and early autonomous moth
Development of early prototypes.
A newly emerged Moth at the Rusty Squid Studio in Puppet Place.
The Moth at Made in Roath Festival, Cardiff. 2016

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All photos courtesy of Rusty Squid Ltd.

Fellow interns at Rusty Squid: George Rumney and Charlotte Biszewski.